Pre-loved shirt sales

We have launched a facebook group which allows members to buy and sell their pre-loved GFW shirts. We know that sometimes our customers have changed size and for some a GFW Shirt is a considered purchase financially because it is made in the UK. The pre-loved group means that you can purchase GFW shirts at significant reduction on their new price. We will also list seconds and samples in this group.

This is not a money making exercise for us, and we are facilitating and promoting the group because we know our clothing is built to last we want everyone to get the most out of it. People are listing their shirts regularly and it often doesn't take more than a day or two to make a sale so check back regularly to see new listings.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to slow fashion.
What is slow fashion? Read all about it here
gfw clothing pre-loved shirt sales
Regular customer Ali listed 7 shirts for sale. This is what she says about this group.
"When I discovered this group  I really grateful for the opportunity to sell my shirts on and buy some new ones. I had lost loads of weight and and sold 4 shirts within 48 hours and then I bought myself 2 new ones in my new size! 
Other comments.
Brilliant, can't afford a new shirt but would live to buy a pre-loved one :)  
Kendell Cummings
Brilliant idea, and very ethical! 😍 one :) 
Beth Kennedy. 
Ive been thinking about a service like this for a while! So glad you did it!! Yay! 
Sarah Addicott
Good idea, I have one that could go to a new home.
Becca Crowson